About CoVenture Group

We invest across the capital stack of emerging, generational companies

Through our asset-based credit, hybrid capital solutions, and venture capital investment strategies, CV Group's affiliates provide customized solutions across the capital structure.

Our affiliates invest in both emerging and established businesses often with a focus on the technology sector, where we can leverage our deep industry knowledge and extensive networks to position portfolio companies well and to ensure we are value-additive investors.

Our core values



Building a company is brutally hard. And we get that. Our commitment is to work as hard at our jobs as the entrepreneurs we partner with work at theirs.



We thrive on the difficult and in-between. We're not looking to fill buckets, and don't ask founders to explain why their company fits within our investment thesis. Instead we dig in where others don’t.


Straight Forward

We don't "start high to end low." We don't "send a term sheet first, and figure out what the company does later." We don't speak in hyperbole. We don't over-sell. We are plain spoken and work with founders who operate the same way.

What We Do

CoVenture Group provides solutions across the capital stack, with the ability to support companies throughout their lifecycle. Across our three core strategies, CoVenture Group can capitalize companies at their earliest stages as well as back more established businesses with tailored solutions.

Our product suite benefits from:

A high surface area of relevance, leading to differentiated deal flow and multiple shots on goal with the best companies

An ability to invest in the right company with the right strategy. We don't force companies to conform with "what we do”

The investment rigor of credit, with the imagination of venture capital

Broad credit structuring and equity investing expertise 

An ability to leverage the expertise and network of a wider portfolio with several investment strategies and themes

Who we are

We’re a group of hard working investors backing entrepreneurs who show us where the world is headed with the goal of delivering strong returns for our client base. 

Meet our Team