Hybrid Capital Solutions

CVM's Hybrid Capital Solutions Strategy makes credit-oriented investments with capital appreciation features while using private equity style underwriting and value creation playbooks. This strategy brings together the best of the investment team's experience and capabilities across debt and equity. 

Investment Profile
Targeting investments in and alongside later-stage companies and asset originators with strong business fundamentals and growth profiles.
$20 - $150M+
Initial investment
The trend of companies staying private longer and the rigidity of traditional asset classes (e.g. Private Equity and Private Credit) has created an opportunity to provide customized financing solutions that address the business imperatives of certain borrowers while seeking to provide investors with enhanced risk-adjusted returns.
Tailored financing solutions designed to provide downside protection in addition to equity-like upside participation.  Given the investment team's experience investing across the capital stack, we believe we are well-positioned as a differentiated financing partner for borrowers in need of flexible financing solutions that minimize dilution.
Our capital is highly relevant for founder-owned as well as PE or VC-backed businesses seeking non-traditional financing solutions. We can invest in the form of debt, equity, or a combination of both.
Investment Criteria:
Target Sectors

Financial Services 

Business Services 

Technology & Software

Consumer Services


Preferred equity

Convertible debt

Senior debt with equity participation

Junior capital / mezzanine loans

Balance sheet and SPV financings for capital intensive businesses

Key Features

Seniority in the capital stack 

Largely contractual return profile

Limited equity dilution


Minority Ownership